Women like age, men like a clean slate.

Helloo… Bon Nuit!! Mis estimados eliebanksters… Espero que se encuentren de maravilla… Yo estoy disfrutando mis primeros días del back to school… Y pues por fin me decidí a agregar algo más a la dinámica de mi blog, siempre supe que quería o tenía (según muchos de mis amigos/as dicen) que escribir un libro, pues por lo pronto voy a empezar a des enfrascar todos esos pensamientos y reflexiones que pasan por mi cabeza todos los días, y pues creo que tengo algo de experiencia y me gustaría compartirla. Por eso de que igual les puede servir en alguna situación que estén viviendo. Bueno, empezare hablando de algo… Y mujeres no me van a dejar mentir…. Son un mal necesario… No podemos vivir sin ellos ni con ellos: los hombres. Y para poder dar la posibilidad a personas que no hablan español puedan leerme, eliebanksters sorry los voy a poner a practicar su inglés.

Well well… Let me start like this… I was getting my morning dosis of Sex and the City, and it was this episode of the 6th and last season where Carrie and Samantha go to San Francisco for a book signing, so Samantha has a great revelation after getting totally wasted on the train (lol): she has no one else to date in New York, she has dated the older guys and even the younger ones, and she is still #foreveralone, so… I came to thinking.. because I have this guy friend  who  recently  told me how he would never date women his own age.

Getting back to business and pulling all the strings together I got to the cruel conclusion that us women prefer age and men like a clean slate. Women’s psyche’s differ very much of the male mind, but specially in this topic, talking from  my personal experience  and from what I’ve seen with my friends is that us gals normally search for men who are older than we are because we infer that age is a proper measurement of a male’s stability, because as men grow old supposedly they get wiser, (which sadly in many, many cases cause it won’t happen, believe me I’ve met them… men on their 30s wondering of what they want to get out of life, work and most importantly a relationship).

And men on the other hand search for women who have a clean slate, so that is why they normally seek younger girls to date. But if we really analize it, the truth will rise quickly: women want men with experience, and men want women without experience. Women like to be treated as grown women, and men like to educate their women as they please. And this is when we can understand how is it that men are really the ones who are picky on  relationships. They want to have fun while they want to, and then when they decide it is time to settle down they look for the perfect pure young bride, so they can mold her into the woman of their dreams. Oh, and don’t forget…they want the lady on the street and the hoe on the sheets. And let me tell you something that is so sexist. Because us women, we normally get blinded by what our men do to convince us that they are the one, and we just accept who they are and were, because we believe they truly love us, and as we date these older men, they still keep trying to program us as if we were dolls. So… the question is… Should we keep dating older men if we know our dignity and selfness is at stake.. should we settle with men our own age hence the lack of maturity, or should we date younger men who we can educate, as we know we are the ones who bring out the best out of them?

Elie Banks

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