If Disney invented prince charming, then is it at fault?

Morning morning eliebanksters, I hope you’ve had an excelent week because yep.. it is finally ending, so is the first month of the year (oh wow!). Well, I know it is very early to start discussing about stuff…but I just got a ton of inspiration…I just recently saw a video one of my best friends posted on facebook called “Hormones”.. so the idea is to show a more illustrated idea of what actually happens inside a teen’s (boy and girl) mind mind when facing atraction with the other sex, it’s like Inside Out in real life. This video is part of a youtuber group of friends who are inspired by real situations, more precisely talking about what us mexican girls go through with life and most importantly with men. I sooo recommend it…I will actually post the link to their page so you can check it out.

Well… after watching this video, I saw this next episode talking about what is really like to grown from a girl to a woman in society with eveything it involves. All the transitions between when you first meet the male gender as you get disgusted by them all the way into when you love them/hate them stage.

So… my point here is… all through are lives, since we are little kids all through womenhood, disney and chickflicks, and books and people, in one word SOCIETY messes with our heads and tells us there is one gorgeous prince charming looking for us, and that when we find him we will find true love and a we’ll live hapily ever after. Our parents support that idea, our grandmothers make sure this “prince charming” comes from a good family and can support our lifestyle, and as years go by we find ourselves doubting the existance of this prince. We’ve all kind of somehow met all the wrong men, and sadly we’ve poured our heart and soul to one or many men who we think is the one, to then become totally disappointed with the idea of love, and most dramatically with selfworth. And by saying this I don’t cross out the option that somehow you were “lucky” and you have found a man who loves you and cherishes you in the most perfect way, and who looks into your eyes as if you were the only woman in this planet.. okay…i’m getting too romantic… it’s just that for us who… and I will introduce you to one of my role models/inspirations of all times…Mss. Carrie Bradshaw… I just really get her, though sometimes I believe she makes a gigantic fool of herself has been me sooo many times… haven’t find the right man the world is tough. And I’m really not that old… it’s just that living by this mantra or fantasy will just disappoint us, because, girls…let’s face it…it is not true. Life is not a movie where everything goes perfectly…it is actually a rollercoaster… sometimes you’re up… then you’re down… that’s the thrill of it… learning and overcoming all this situations so when can actually mature and grow as a person. So, going back to what got us into this point… who is responsible?? Disney, our parents, society, men, or is it that we are really the ones responsible for what we have been programmed to accept as the universal truth of love?

I think as time goes by we should stop and analize how the world of love really works.. yes, I love chickflicks, and Disney and romance, and I call myself as a hopeless romantic, but that does not mean I am going to live by those standards. I live by my own. I have decided that I love myself first before any man, that I value who I am as a person, that I am passionate about what I do, that I cherish my friends, that I love being by myself and doing whatever I please. I believe, then.. in that exact moment when you actually and really, with no masks on… truly love your life and know your selfworth is when someone will come along…not to complete you as you are already complete, but to be beside you, to live their life right beside your’s, to share your achievements and your dissappointments, to be in the good times and in the bad. And then, when you truly understand to love yourself, is actually when love will come to you.

Elie Banks

P.S. You can look for the youtubers in facebook as “HORMONAL” https://www.facebook.com/HORMONALTV/?fref=ts)


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