The true meaning of love.

People are always analyzing the meaning of love, and mostly us women, more precisely because of what I discussed on my last posts. But then… Is true love real? Is it a fantasy? Does the word “love” actually mean suffering and hurt ? Many theories, movies and personal experiences, advice from our best friends and we still keep going back to being just confused about it’s true significance. 

So… What does love really mean? 

Love should be generous, love should be patient, love should consider the other’s well being before yours.. Is what religion says. I do agree with them at some point, but differ in the last point. You should care for yourself first in order to be complete and to be able to give love back to people. But love should be effortless, should be consuming, intense, romantic, playful, majestic… Like we see in movies. Love should mean to care for someone’s well being at the point of wanting the best for them and the most happiness possible. It is being able to stand by his/her side no matter what. Truly in the easy and the hard times. Being the person who can lift you up and make you believe and acknowledge your self worth even when you cannot see it. Someone who will push you to your limits and help you be a better person each and every day. Someone who believes in you as much as yourself, who will applaude your successes and won’t feel threatened by them (for us women mostly), who will let you decide what’s best for you but will give an honest take on things. Someone who will share with you the most simple moments that will be turned into perfect memories, like watching the stars in the middle of the sea at midnight reflecting of life and the important stuff. Someone who will question you, challenge you, surprise you, someone who can be your best friend and your life partner. Who will look into your eyes as if you were the only man/woman in the whole wide world. Because for him/her, you are the only one. I know this may sound utopic and too perfect to be true, but if you are really sure about what you’re searching for you will find it and you will both make the same effort to make this ideal of love possible. Why do we need chick flicks if we can actually experience real, true love?

Elie Banks

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