Smells like simple, feels like simple, but it’s actually not simple.

Men. You can’t live with them and you cannot live without them. They’re the ultimate poison: they can kill you, but they can make you stronger. The last couple of days I’ve been thinking of what my male friends have always come up to when they tell me about their personal relationships: women are complicated. Indeed speaking in pschicological terms, the female psyche is much more complicated than the male’s psyche when talking about the simple aspect of how we perceive situations. I’ll illustrate from an idea I saw in a video once. The male mind is like a room full or archives, every subject or idea is carefully organized, and when dealing with a specific subject they just take out one folder. But with the female’s mind, it is much more complex, and simple in a way. The female mind is like a box you find deep in your closet everything is there and you don’t know what you’re gonna get when you start digging in. That’s why men can only deal with one subject at a time, and women are natural multi-taskers. But well, this is talking merely by science. By experience, and I know many women are gonna back me up on this, eventhough men always say they are really simple in expressing what they want, their actual living patterns are the opposite. I am myself, a very sincere and sometimes direct type-of-girl, and it has been hard to find or get to know guys who are like me in this specific area. Many men like to give the appeareance of the “macho man”, strong, powerful, sincere and direct on their intentions but as time goes by their true intentions come afloat. No, men don’t like to be franc. They like to seduce us with their beautiful perfectly put up words that describe the fantasy of every girl who had Disney as a reference for relationships, but let me tell you something girls… they just wanna get something out of you. Yes, I know I may sound too harsh, but coming from my experience it is true. It is also true that humans always seek some benefit from everybody else, that’s how politics and business were founded, but what happens when seeking for your own interests drives you to use people? This is what is wrong. I don’t want to get you depressed or think that all men do wrong, but it is just information for you to keep your eyes wide open and know the your worth so you can ask nothing less than that when it comes to finding the man of your dreams. The world is tough and if you thing you will find your knight in white armor by being the good-selfless girl that you are now.. you are completely wrong. You need to push men, be hard to get, challenge them to prove they want you or deserve your best you, because that’s the funny part. Everyone is here when you’re at your highest but when about the times when life gets rough? Be careful when you start builiding your life, you start getting things right and sucess comes by the door, you lose those extra pounds, you love yourself and people do start noticing those kind of things. Then and there all those men the wind blew away will come back prying they changed and that they now value you for who you are.. NO! they don’t. Why are they so cynical to do this…like Marylin Monroe said :“if you don’t like me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”. So, the best advice I can give you is be STRONG. Keep your feet on earth and your ideals too. Your goals your true hapiness is the thing that matters the most. Because believe me men will rain. But you don’t want this type of guy.. or do you?

Elie Banks


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