Life is tough. So am I.

Sometimes I think about all those people I know that sail through life without a destination. They seem relaxed and calm as they are moved by the unexpected waves of life. Yes, sometimes I envy them so much. I envy their ability to live in the moment forever as eternal adolescents. And sometimes I question myself if they are conscious of how their lives are driven by pure emotion without any sense of guidance. 
Life is tough. Life is tough for everybody but mostly for people who live with a purpose. For people who wake up every morning to fight for a goal they’ve set before. Who strive for perfection, and not only for superficial perfection but for internal perfection. People who go through life grabbing every opportunity they can even though what they choose can mean a lot of sacrifice in spite of getting closer and closer to their life’s goal. They see every day as an opportunity to experience life and to walk towards what they want because they love their life. Because they know it’s value and worth and because they are sure that time is ethereal. That everything might end unexpectedly ,so they have decided to live each day as the last. So then, when the curtain drops, they can leave earth peacefully, truly satisfied by what they left behind. Because for these people, life is a synonym of passion: living boldly: crying loudly, laughing until your stomach hurts, loving without ties and leaving your soul in what makes you happy. This is the meaning of life. 
I have chosen my path many years ago. I have changed, my ways have too. I have seen a lot of closed doors, I have knocked on many others. People close to me have said that I am to crazy or irrational because my dreams are too big for me. And sometimes I believe them. Sometimes I get wored out, exhausted by what I do. Having a dream and reaching for it is hard. It is a job of everyday. And somehow I find strength within me, a little voice that has never silenced that keeps on telling me that I can be better, that I can work harder. That I am getting closer each and everyday for that goal with which I was born. That fire that has burned inside me these last 11 years. That anything is possible if you work for it. That God is by my side. That I cannot rest until my dreams are finally a reality. That I want change. That I can be that change. And then, the voice of the world that is and will always try to pull me down, to get me off my cloud of dreaming with the crazy ones shuts down. The delusional people who have fought their entire lives to create what seemed impossible. To defy society and the laws of the universe. Jobs, Gates, Chanel, Curie, Einstein. These are people who despite every possible obstacle succeeded in staying true to themselves. True their dreams and ideals. Because life is always going to be tough. But honey, so am I.
Elie Banks

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