Bipolar weather: an urgent call for change.

Snow during March. In Mexico. In the desert. Hot, dry days followed by cold, windy rainy days. And we ask ourselves: What the hell is wrong with the weather? And we all know the answer is simple: global warming. But what is really shocking is that we are not really conscious about the severity of what is happening right now. 2015 was reported to be the hottest year in a century according to climate investigations. So…if we are really seeking to make it for another 50 or 60 years with the kind of earth we have now, we have to change our habits. Drastically and efficently. Starting NOW.

I was really shocked this morning when I started to get my head messed up with all these thoughts of what I, a simple mortal, could do to produce change in the world. And the problem is that most people think it is hard to contribute, expensive, time-consuming, and mmm.. sorry… hon… but that’s not the truth. Ask any businessman about investments. You need to invest, and most of the times you won’t be able to see quick results, but you need to seed to harvest. So.. we need to stop, change our habits and invest for what is important. So here’s my advice.

Buy local. Support your families’, friends businesses. Get your foods to be organic. Shop clothes from local designers where you know the whole production process. Recicle. Lower your electricity use. Get solar panels. Get in shape, eat healthy. Invest in books and education. Value what’s around you: from nature to human beings. Raise your voice. Demand your rights but fulfill your civil obligations.

You might say…hmmm… this girl is nuts… this is time-consuming, expensive… bla bla bla. But if we want a 360° change in the world, we need a 360° change in ourselves. From living habits, eating habits, thinking habits. We need to build a smart humanity, that beats smart phones or technology because what will technology improve when there is nothing left?

The world need healthy, strong, intelligent, savvy, moral persons who will be warriors in preserving their species and their land, their home which is earth. So, get a minute by yourself, or gather your friends and family, talk about the future… about their dreams, their goals… and then picture if what you are doing every day is getting you closer to that future or farther. Change yourself so the people around you will see that change and get inspired to change themselves. All we need is a chain of change and if we are really sure we want to live in a better world than what we live in right now. Change will happen, and it will be big. And both earth and humanity will be healed.

Elie Banks


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