The risk of failure.

Hellooo eliebanksters I hope you’ve had an incredible week. Last week I had a meeting with the collaborator writers and the web editor of a magazine in which I’ve been writing for almost a year!! Yes!!! You can read me even more on other subjects at and follow it up on instagram as @promag.monterrey. Well, we were chatting about how despite we are in 2017 failure is still a taboo. Society looks at a person who failed as a loser and maybe that’s why not so many people take the risk to launch their personal proyects fearing  a near failure or self dissapointment. So, I decided to write about it.

I think failure does not exist. Human beings because of their nature are designed to fail, because these failures are the essence of our species; by having free will each and every person can decide to do what they think is best for them. So, perfection for a human is not existing. If you are indeed, a religious personal, only that superior being possess that superhuman quality which is perfection. Call him whatever you’d like…Buddha, God, Alá.

So the challenge here is not the fear of failure but the fear of risking and taking a leap into the unknown fearing to fall on the way of doing it. The phrase “He who does not risk, will not win” seems perfect to me. If we look closely on people whose memory is still imprinted in books, genious, creatives, innovatores, actors, politicians, philantropists, all of them had the same quality of courage. Either you do something or stop doing it, society will judge you, so you better do what you want despite what people will say. The courage of taking a risk,  to challenge yourself cannot bring any more success than your growth as a person. Life is like a bike, so if you stop pedaling eventually you will fall. We should always be evolving, taking steps towards the future despite how small we think they are, because they are getting us closer to our true and full potential.

On the other hand, I think the word “failure” has been misused, being an entrepreneur and failing along the way is not a failure, everything happens for a reason, and we need to let things fall into place. Failure is not trying and having a remorse wondering… what would have been?

You better be seen as a mad person ( as many as the geniuses of all times have been) to have regrets. Everyone dies but not everyone lives. Seizing every second of your life trascends in living it to the fullest; this is the perect way to be grateful for the gift of life, for having one more day, and a million opportunities to be better and to rise above when you’ve fallen. And though we grow up and become adults, and time paints our hair in white and hardens little by little our skin, our soul should keep being our interior child, he who wasn’t scared of anything and who jumped from the roof to try to fly. Never let curiosity end and as time goes by our ability to be amazed grows to the point where we are moved and astonished by the simplest thing. That nothing may lead us to loose that humanity that lies beneath us.


Elie Banks

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